Tennis court surfaces to suit all styles

Elliott Tennis Courts is part of En Tout Cas, the best-known name in tennis court construction. En Tout Cas has been designing and building tennis courts and sports surfaces since 1909.

Careful selection of our staff has built a strong construction team with a reputation for quality and reliability. All of our team have been trained to build tennis courts that far exceed normal quality standards.

Many of our clients come to us through personal recommendations. Our established reputation as construction contractors means you can be assured of excellent service.

Elliott are specialists in the design and implementation of specialist groundworks and civil engineering projects, to the highest standards of accuracy.

Choice of tennis court surfaces

Choosing the right sports surface is not a simple matter. Different surfaces require different amounts of upkeep. Some are easier on the joints. Others are better for family sports areas. Our tennis court surfaces offer a huge range from the pace of a championship court, to the slip and slide of clay, but without the high maintenance of a traditional clay court - with everything else in between.

Whatever sports surface you require, we have the product to suit. What's more, we take the time to understand your requirements so that we can tailor the end result closely to your needs.

Our tennis court construction service is available throughout the UK.

Clear pricing from Elliott Tennis Courts

One of the questions people often asked: and one few firms are prepared to go public about is this: "How much does a tennis court cost?"

We are quite clear about our pricing - just like anything else it depends on what exactly you want. But we publish guide prices upfront here on our website. Go here for more details.