Tennis court fencing - choose from Estate or Obelisk

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The frame around a beautiful garden feature

A  good tennis court brings practical advantages to your home. It will boost family fitness, add value to your property and will save you time in travelling to a court – or ferrying the children to and fro.

It can be a real practical asset - but it has to look good too and integrate into your park or garden. We offer the option of two fencing systems. You can choose from the elegance of traditional Estate Fencing with its simple clean lines, or the more ornate patented Obelisk Fencing which we supply on licence from En-Tout-Cas.

We provide a full design and installation service on all courts. Our approach is to allow the tennis court to blend into its natural surroundings, as the pictures on this page show.

Tennis court fencing from Elliotts will totally transform your playing area. Pick from either - or a combination of both.

Obelisk garden tennis surrounds

One of the great beauties of the obelisk system is that it is designed to support plant growth. Its Gothic stanchions are attractive to the eye and also provide the perfect base for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis and roses. The frame also gives all the strength it needs to withstand severe storms.

The result is a tennis court that blends harmoniously into its garden environment. To escape from the cage-like effect of a single height fence, the surround heights can also be varied.

For example, you can have a high back and low sides. This further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surrounds, giving uninterrupted lines of sight and enabling spectators to have a clearer view of the match. The whole experience of playing on a garden tennis court is really enhanced.

Estate Fencing

  • Timeless design with allusions to country house landscaping
  • Extremely strong and virtually unbreakable poles - an alternative to the obelisk concept.
  • Clear, simple aesthetic.
  • Galvanised and painted for long life.
  • Appearance can be enhanced by a choice of top decorative finials such as acorns.

Obelisk supports

  • Strong support and durable Gothic-style supports, with slender stanchions.
  • Far more attractive, safer and less box-like than angle iron fencing and netting.
  • Taper-effect columns with rings of increasing size to give more strength.
  • Columns are designed to support plant growth such as honeysuckle, clematis and roses.
  • Very attractive close-up, yet hard to see from a distance
  • The whole effect blends with the garden environment.
  • Overall effect further enhanced by a range of top finial designs
  • Constructed of welded 12 mm steel bar to withstand the strongest storm.
  • Hot-dip galvanised, treated with a mordant etch and then painted with a high-quality paint coating
  • Long-lasting, rust-proofed finish.
  • Available in dark green or black - the latter merges best with a country landscape.
  • Foundations are bored down to full depth and the concrete-filled for great stability.
  • Matching obelisk style gates are available.

Tennis court fencing prices

A replacement tennis court fence costs between £12,000 and £15,000 plus VAT.

A happy selfie, taken in 2020 from a Savanna court that we built in Utrecht. The Obelisk fencing has merged completely into the natural surroundings.
A happy selfie, taken in 2020 from a Savanna court that we built in Utrecht. The Obelisk fencing has merged completely into the natural surroundings.
Gothic tennis court gate with a mitred corner - Elliott Courts.
Obelisk posts and Gothic gate with a mitred corner

  Tennis court fencing from Elliotts